Alaska Native Gifts

Great for all ages

Hand-made Alaska Native gifts & souvenirs

A Hiada-way owner Carole Okamoto, an Alaska Native, makes Alaska Native gifts that she sells at her home on the Peninsula. She specializes in the manufacture of sea otter coats, vests, headbands, trapper’s hats, trapper’s mittens and teddy bears. Sea otter coats are considered the rarest, softest, and most coveted fur in the world because of its dense hairs. Her products are unique, as only Alaska Natives can harvest and sew the skins. Each product has the Silver Hand artist permit afforded only to Alaska Natives. The original designs infuse both traditional and contemporary styles and make excellent gifts. The coats have detachable sleeves making them both useful as a vest or coat, and special orders are welcome for tailored fits. Contact Carole for more details.